Speak out against the violence that has plagued our nation

From The Producer

My name is Shirley Butts Wilson; I am the mother of 3 beautiful children and a business woman, studying to earn my Master’s then Doctorate in Psychology. My life was catapulted to a place of horror when my 7 year old son, Nathaniel R.B. Butts, was brutally murdered in a home invasion 23 years ago.I wasn’t able to go on, but for the sake of two young daughters I went on. Now after years of feeling as if no one cared, I’ve found the hidden level of existence where thousands of people are working feverishly to stop our children from being murdered, or from being robbed of their futures. I call this movement invisible because I didn’t know it existed and I was searching for it.

I have found that millions of people are on that boat with me, they don’t know these fighters either, so they like I did, only see the vileness of a broken economy, children being murdered, and blatant oppression pushing many people to choose to be all about me, myself, and I and to care nothing about the plight of suffering people. Well I now know that this is just a defense mechanism and that people want to care again, they just need to be reminded that humanity is worth stepping up to speak out for justice for all. This is why I work so hard to bring the people out there in the fight to the microphones on The Scales of Justice.

As a gift for my son’s 30th birthday, I decided to drop everything and concentrate on speaking out for my child’s right to life and the right of every child to have a healthy and joyful life  I strengthened enough to produce this talk show, which was like opening up my air passages because this show gave me the ability to speak through the walls. My voice broke free from the bondage of silence. Now after a year, came the time to have co-hosts, so after a lot of study, working and planning, rose The Scales of Justice, a new talk show with three amazing co-hosts, an activist, an interventionist, a program director and more to their wells of experience. Join  us each Sunday evening at 6:00 PM for the four shows on The Scales. We hope to see you there…

Join us at www.blogtalkradio.com/scalesofjustice every Sunday evening at 6 or listen to the archives at the same address anytime.


Shirley Wilson


4 responses

  1. Hello Shirley…having this show is such a beautiful way to memorialize your beautiful son so that the untimely and tragic circumstances of his death can be something to educate, inspire, unite, and transform people’s way of thinking so that we can all come together to show our children and youth that they really do matter and that we really do care and that we will not rest until they are all safe and cherished…

    With blessings, respect, and admiration…


    September 4, 2010 at 10:41 pm

  2. Producing this show is such a privilege.

    During the first stages of producing the show, after the therapeutic stage, I just needed the therapy that hosting the show brought; then it was time to expand and the energy was so vague that I thought it would be great if I didn’t have this need to do the work; But then things took on another energy; some people started to cross my path who had similar energies; I begin to know that God would bring together all things into His mixture that will bring His results. In came The Scales of Justice Co-hosts: Luis, Tommie, Julie, and Maria; and the vessel cranked up, so let’s see where it takes us.

    I relax into the inevitable and hope that you will join me there, as we watch “The Scales of Justice”…

    The co-hosts in this phase of the show are remarkable people with remarkable stories; they understand, so who better to bring you the good news of Restorative Justice…

    Listen to Love and Justice on the Airwaves on “The Scales of Justice”.

    September 21, 2010 at 7:30 pm

  3. Maria Costanzo Palmer

    It’s always nice to hear Stacy on the air. I loved this raw interview and the honestly that you, Stacy and Rosie shared on this show.

    March 11, 2011 at 10:33 pm

  4. Maria Costanzo Palmer


    Thanks so much for having Mike and Jisiri X on your show on Sunday. Honest to God, listening to it has really lifted up my spirits. After losing a family member, getting very ill and then getting some bad news with one of my jobs (loss of funding), I needed something and this was it.

    I also love promoting others from my hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. The music was incredible. I especially loved Three Little Girls. I cried straight through it. Mike also has such a soothing voice too. Please put more of their stuff up on here. I really didn’t want this show to end.

    April 1, 2011 at 7:05 pm

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