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The Scales of Justice: Radio Talk at its Best


When we all unite to demand change in our neighborhoods, change occurs. A little goes a long way when everyone joins forces. Children are being murdered, people go hungry, bigotry blocks progress, right here in the land of the free.

The Scales of Justice is a Radio Talk show where the hosts bring a message of revival to our community, for the people, by the people. Rock and roll to rhythm, while being informed; next we give you tips on what can be done in America to effect change.

If we don’t participate in effecting positive change, the destructive change that is now growing in dark places will soon affect us all. Listen to experts in the field of intervention, restoration, restitution, and activism who will be guests to enlighten you while you are entertained. Listen to Love and Justice on the airwaves.

The Scales of Justice radio hosts will share with their listeners, entertainment that sends messages of peace and restoration. The message intent is to remind everyone that life happens to everyone and no one has the true capability of pointing a figure at the destructive choices of others; if we all could just walk in the shoes of someone else, we would make the same choices that person made; there is no favoritism; no one is exempt from making bad decisions; the theme of this new show is Let’s Talk!  Now to Introduce the Hosts


Shirley Butts-Wilson: Energetic lady of the press; Shirley was determined to be heard as she shouted for the violence against children to end.

Realizing that people don’t want to hear bad news, she got rid of her anger and learned how to bring the news with humor, rhythm and beat. She searched the globe to find her comrades/co-hosts; they join her on “The Scales of Justice.”

“The Scales of Justice”

Welcomes  Maria Palmer to the show on

“Heart to Heart” with Shirley Wilson

Maria Costanzo Palmer is a native of Pittsburgh, PA whose personal experience has made her incredibly passionate about children with incarcerated parents. For the past two years, she has served as the Director of Get On The Bus, a program that unites children with the parents in prison once a year for a special Mother’s/Father’s Day visit.

In addition to her experience at Get On The Bus, Maria has worked for the Osborne Association in Brooklyn, NY and New York University doing prison-related research. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Syracuse University in New York and a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Pepperdine University. And now she adds to this impressive list, the co-hosting of her first talk show.

Welcome to the show Maria!

JULIA HARMON-CHAVEZJulia Harmon-Chavez is a white woman from a privileged past awakened 25 years ago to some serious truths and been on a path ever since to fight for justice and equal opportunity for everyone. 

Julia passionately speaks out for those of us locked away in prisons, believing that there is little difference between those of us in there and those of us out here. This lady will bring spunk and audacity to The Search for Restorative Justice, as she asks the hard questions to find the true answers.


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